About Us

When Federal Energy Services first began offering energy efficient home financing solutions in 1982, home energy conservation was a unique and forward looking idea. Over time, the drive towards energy efficiency has grown into one of the bedrock principles of practical and cost-effective modern life – and the unneeded expenses of home energy waste into a progressively more costly concern as we move into the 21st century.

In today’s world of rising utility costs and heightened environmental concerns, energy usage is becoming one of the fundamental central issues in the life of the modern American. We at Federal Energy Services believe that affordable energy conservation should be within everyone’s affordable grasp. Relying on an established network of real estate agents, mortgage lenders and residential building contractors, every day we work to bring the common sense practicality of energy conservation to those who need it most – today’s homeowner.

Our offices are based in northern California.

Contractor’s License #:962972