About FES

The company that morphed into Federal Energy Services, Inc. (FES) was founded in September 1982 by the husband and wife team of Tom and Lee Caruthers. We began by selling solar domestic hot water systems to Armed Forces Veterans, who were purchasing homes using their VA benefit. We called it the “Energy Option” Loan.

In the early years, Tom would go into people’s homes in the evenings and weekends to explain the benefits of energy conservation. The oil embargoes of the 1970s were still fresh in people’s minds, so the message was a timely one. Meanwhile, Lee’s organizational skills were a perfect fit to complete the documents required for the loan.

In 1993, HUD issued new guidelines, which introduced the HERS rater and expanded the budget available to the borrower. It was called an “Energy Efficient Mortgage” (EEM).

Today, 30 years and over 10,000 transactions later, FES is the premier facilitating contractor for energy home improvements using government home loans (FHA/VA).

Through Tom’s guidance and Lee’s diligence, FES expanded the business to include upgrading the heating and cooling system, replacement windows, insulation, building infiltration and other energy-related improvements and upgrades. Soon, we will be able to offer solar photovoltaic to our customers.

Much in the same way the services we offer have evolved over time, the way we operate has changed throughout the years. Today, we conduct all business over the phone and internet. We don’t believe people want to be sold home improvements at their kitchen table with flip charts and hard-sell tactics. It’s a fall-back to the aluminum siding sales of the 1950s and ‘60s, and we believe it’s intrusive.

However, that is still the tactic of choice for much of the residential solar industry. FES is different. We market to real estate and mortgage professionals and, through content marketing, to the consumer who has identified themselves as our target market.

Our commitment to serve the common good has helped guide us in our quest to serve our valued customers and the people with whom we do business.