Thank you, Tom and Lee, for your outstanding service – you make me look GOOD!

Judy Hayes

Vitek Mortgage Group

My company has worked with Federal Energy Services for years and recommend them without reservation to anyone in search of an easy way to afford an energy efficient home. These programs have been godsends for our clients and, without question, Federal Energy is the reigning master at managing them smoothly and trouble-free. Energy Efficient Mortgages represent simply the best path to energy-aware home ownership available to anyone who is serious about purchasing a comfortable home – on responsible and reasonable terms – while keeping their utility costs firmly under control.

We’re proud of our relationship with Federal Energy Services, and look forward to working with them for many years to come. On behalf of our clients and ourselves, thank you Federal Energy Services.

Sonia McClellin

VacaValley Mortgage

Working with Federal Energy Services is a “win-win” solution. The borrower gets the benefit of the great EEM program, and Federal Energy Services does a phenomenal job getting the EEM paperwork done for you with such quality and efficiency that the broker and the lender don’t have to lift a finger! I only recommend Federal Energy Services when talking to my broker clients about the EEM program.

Lisa Longmire

Pinnacle Capital Mortgage Corporation

Thank you for the speedy response. You can absolutely quote me, and I don’t mind if you use my whole name. I am a big believer in “hugging your customers” and think you guys have definitely “hugged” me. I’m looking forward to working with you as we buy our first home!



Koral Raya

Sacramento, CA

As a real estate professional, I’m embarrassed to say that before I met the guys at Federal Energy Services, I’d never heard of the Energy Efficient Mortgage. Sometimes I shudder to think how many of my clients could have really benefitted from this program. It really is a great idea. Now that I’ve seen, first hand, how an EEM offers the best of all worlds – energy efficient upgrades and lower utility bills, and still no overall increase in monthly cost of home ownership – I’m happy to preach it to anyone who will listen. I have already closed several home sales with EEM loans, and am looking forward to closing many more this year. Thank you so much. Federal Energy Services is a lifesaver!

Steve Siegel

Great West, GMAC Real Estate

Thank you so much for the information. It is very simple to understand and I can’t tell you how relieved we are to have this option! I am a big believer in “hugging your customers” and think you guys have definitely “hugged” me. I’m looking forward to working with you as we buy our first home!

Koral Raya

Home Buyer

Federal Energy Services didn’t invent the Energy Efficient Mortgage, but they might as well have; they’ve certainly mastered it. We know others in our industry who have nightmare stories to tell about their experiences with other EEM program managers – slow responses, unreadable or inaccurate paperwork, or poorly coordinated energy upgrade installations. But my experience with Federal Energy Services has been the easiest and most efficient imaginable. Our clients love them.

Federal Energy Services has their act together. If you need a group that knows the Energy Efficient Mortgage inside and out – who just make it happen – you can’t do better than Federal Energy Services.

Donna Yates

American Pacific Mortgage

I want to thank you so very much – the house is so warm now that the heater never comes on! I keep the house at 70 and haven’t even heard the heater come on. The windows have made a HUGE difference. I am so amazed. I just do not have enough thank yous to say.. I have been telling everyone!

Kellie Bumbaca

Home Buyer